My Skillet Chef

Who We Are:

I am Maverick Hayes founder of the My Skillet Chef. I loved to take my profession as a chef more than a decade ago. After a long run I made a team of people with over 10 years of experience in the food industry. 

Who would love to share the best of their knowledge and experience helping you to find the best frying pan on the market today.

How We Do:

As a chef, we have all worked with sub-par equipment to get the job done. This isn't your fault you don't know what the best frying pan for your needs is. 

That is why you come here in the first place to see what we can give you on finding the right pan for you. If you stick with us and read our articles, I promise that we can give you all the advice you will ever need about frying pans and skillet.

We search the internet for the best frying pans and skillet, we get it, use it and write about it so that you don't have to. By reading our blogs you can see the different pans we review and get the pros and cons for them. Making you a more informed buyer of quality frying pans and skillet.

    What We Do:

What is the best is always dependent on use. I can tell you what is the best skillet for my use and it may be all wrong for your use. 

With the different types and sizes of frying pans, it's hard to tell what is best unless I know the use of the pans. In this article, I will try to cover a few of the basics for you to see what's available out there. 

A few different styles and types to give you an overview of what is out there for you.

How to and Tricks of the Trade:

We are writing this blog as a labor of love. Giving you tips and tricks is what we are doing this for. We are successful chefs that only want you to be successful also. 

From my 10 + years of experience, I want to give back to the industry. We love to hear your comments when something we say helps you. 

All we really want is for our experience to live on in you. By giving you the information that we so painstakingly gained through years and years of working we can be assured that our legacy will live on. 

I know that you are thinking, it's just cooking. To us, it is a lifestyle that will live on in you.

There are bigger sizes and different pan materials out there but these are the most common sizes. And materials on the market. 

Find the best pans for your use by trying some today. Feel free to browse this blog for more tips and tricks for your business and let us help you find the best frying pan for your needs.

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We use that referral fee to pay our hosting charge and to further improve this site and make it better for you.

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