Lodge Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet Review

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Lodge Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet: QUICK OVERVIEW


Value For Money


Environmental Friendliness

What We Like

  • No harmful chemicals
  • Used in a variety of stoves
  • Withstands high temperatures

What We Don't Like

  • Some pans arrive chipped

Sometimes, it can be a challenge choosing which pan will suit your needs the most. With such a wide variety of options available on the market, and each one promising different things, selecting one can be quite tricky!

Carbon steel pans have been used in professional kitchens for decades, and slowly but surely, they have started to make their way into home kitchens too.

If you are keen to find the best carbon steel skillet for your kitchen, then look no further! In this article, we take a look at a popular pan on the market, the Lodge Pre-seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet.

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet Review

Lodge has created a very tough skillet that’s perfect for all your cooking requirements. They are an American cast iron manufacturer that have been around since the early 1900s. With a product line that is constantly evolving, they always have something new and innovative to offer.

The Lodge Pre-seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet is one that can be perfect for family-size cooking thanks to its generous size. It is suitable for frying, grilling, searing, and roasting.

This pan is especially useful when it comes to frying food, thanks to its wok-like design. The convection possibilities are multifunctional as it can be taken from the stove and placed in the oven, allowing you to cook multiple things in the same pan. As well as this, it can also be used over gas, electric, and halogen-style stovetops.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is aimed at anyone who enjoys cooking tasty meals. It eliminates the fear of the food burning as it can withstand extremely high temperatures. It is perfect for those with both electric and induction cooktops, and for those who desire a professional, pre-seasoned pan.

When it comes to the price, this seasoned skillet is not too expensive in comparison to others on the market, and therefore would also be an excellent option for those shopping on a budget.

What’s Included?

When purchasing this product, customers will receive one 12-inch skillet, which includes a fully seasoned layer. You will also receive a handy user guide to help you out.

Overview of the Features

The Lodge Pre-seasoned Carbon Skillet is an excellent product for people looking for a smoother, more efficient way to cook their meals. Here are the things you will get to enjoy if you buy this skillet:

  • Extremely Durable Construction

This skillet has been designed to stand the test of time. With a touch steel riveted handle and heavy gauge carbon steel composition, this skillet can be used to cook a wide variety of foods and can easily handle a high amount of heat.

  • Pre-seasoned Pan

Looking for a pan that has already been seasoned? Then this is the pan for you! The Lodge skillet has oil baked into the skillet’s surface, which prevents any rust from forming over time.

With constant use, this layer can provide a natural surface that does not stick and works well with many food types—even eggs!

  • Excellent Convection

This pan can be used on a variety of stoves, including electric, gas, halogen, and induction cooktops as well as ovens. Therefore, they can be used in a variety of different ways and are able to cook many recipes with ease!

  • Eco-friendly Design

If you care about the environment and are cautious about where you purchase products from and what they’re made of, then the good news is that this skillet is completely natural! It contains no animal fat, peanut oil traces, or harmful chemicals.

How to Use This Skillet

If you have never used a seasoned skillet before, it is important to learn how to use it correctly for the first couple of times. The seasoned layer is composed of natural soybean oil and therefore improves with each use.

Here is a YouTube video showing the Lodge skillet in action:


When shopping for a seasoned skillet, you are likely to find many varieties to choose from and from a handful of different brands. There are several alternatives to the Lodge Pre-seasoned Skillet, and we will have a more in-depth look at them below.

We have also tried to include budget-friendly options for those shopping on a budget.

Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned Skillets

This pan set is another great option to go for if you are looking for quality seasoned pans for your cooking. With excellent heat distribution, these pans are guaranteed to improve your cooking by providing even heat throughout your food and with less risk of burning.

Each pan features superior craftsmanship and is extremely durable. With an extra one year added guarantee, you can definitely try and get your money back if you aren’t fully satisfied with this product.

Victoria 12” Cast Iron Skillet

This 12-inch cast iron skillet by Victoria is another suitable option for those looking for non-toxic seasoned pans. This pan has been coated with 100% flaxseed oil, which contains no toxic chemicals and is actually really healthy for you. This seasoning is also known to get better over time with each cook.

If it’s versatility you are looking for, then you will definitely get that with the Victoria pan. It is large enough to perform a range of different tasks, including cooking, baking, and grilling. You can even toss it in the oven!

Utopia Kitchen 12" Seasoned Skillet

Finally, another potential option perfect for all your searing needs is the 12-inch, pre-seasoned skillet from Utopia Kitchen. This pan features an extra five inches in size, making it great for cooking many different types of foods. It is super easy to clean and suitable for stove and oven cooking.


Carbon steel skillets are definitely an excellent product to have around, especially when you want to cook like a pro. Perhaps you are fed up burning food with a fast-burning pan? Then a carbon steel pan is worth investing in!

If you are shopping on a budget, there’s no need to worry too! The Lodge Pre-seasoned Carbon Steel Skillet falls under $100. Despite being really affordable, it actually comes from a reputable brand in the business!

Therefore, if you want to find a product that you can rely on, the Lodge pan will certainly not disappoint as it offers sheer quality and is very easy to work with.

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